Construction, Process & Furniture

German Elevator Producer


30% reduction of lead time in goods receipt area

Organization of area for goods receipt

Implementing of FIFO system and general reduction of the effort :

  • Definition of the process (getting transparency with the aid of Value Stream Analysis and Mapping)
  • Definition of areas
  • Creating a material flow with a rotation system
  • Definition of a area (buffer) for blocked goods

Spanish Company in Printing & Graphic Industry

  •  Better use of human resources and production of tooling
  •  50% reduction in the intermediate stock
  •  60% decrease in changeover times
  •  Transformation to a production system where possible, to be faster with fewer resources.

Transformation of the production system to increase flexibility

Company manufacturing labels and stationery products for more than 85 countries worlwide :

  • VSM (Value Stream Mapping) to identify all the specific activities occurring along the value stream, identifying wastes which translate into opportunities for improvement
  • Implementation of 5S and SMED
  • Pull Flow to adapt the production rate to actual customer demand

Polish Construction Industry

  • Improving inventory turnover by 80%
  •  increase on time delivery by 45% and quality of supply by 15%
  •  99% of the materials protection for the planned production in the Make To Order system with the LT of the order fulfillment - 7 days.

Diagnostic and plan to improve equipment availability and cost reduction

Implementation of Lean Management Project during 3 years. Improving actions in the area of supply management and inventory, as well as warehouse’s work reorganization :

  • Establishment of rules for the inventories calculation and material requirements definition.
  • Implementation of Kanban for rotating materials
  • Involvment of suppliers in management materials supply
  • Warehouse reorganization, including materials location and warehousemen’ working rules
  • Determination of the rules of cooperation with the production for the material downloads

Polish Furniture Industry

  • Increasing the work in progress rotation
  • Increasing the plan implementation ratio by 21%

Management of flow of materials and production planning

Consultations in the management of the flow of materials and production planning based on a Kanban system for a complex and multi-stage manufacturing process :

  • Establishing the management rules for the assembling of WIP in the assembly process
  • Establishing the rules of WIP inventory management