Manager Training and Coaching

Automotive supplier in Czech Republic, 1 500 employees

  • Long term financial gains (in one year 4 to 10 times bigger, than the cost of the whole talent management program), new skilled managers

Talent management program, implementing projects for performance improvement

  • Selection of talented internal managers
  • Project management and leadership training
  • Selecting the projects for improvement
  • Coaching and mentoring during the improvement projects

FMCG retail chain in Czech Republic, 6000 employees

  • All the employees trained in a very short time on a very high level of quality in an interactive method
  • Increased level of managerial and communication skills of managers and their authority 
  • Improved approach to the customers, increased customer satisfaction and retention

Increasing the employees´ friendliness towards customers

  • Creating the concept of training for all the employees through internal managers
  • Training all the supermarket managers as internal trainers of the Customer Friendliness course for their staff
  • Supervision of their delivery of the interactive training to all their employees

French Specialized Retailer

  • 100 % of the participants design and manage personal progress plans subsequent to the sessions

Development of managerial skills in main retail outlets and services centres

  • Assistance in manager training programmes
  • Reinforcement of selling and communication skills
  • Optimization of team management, taking into account the personalities of the team members (Process Communication Management)
  • Understanding and adapting to different cultures and generations, in order to manage more effectively
  • Successfully implementing operational changes (management toolkit)