Logistics, Distribution & Retail

French Distribution Warehouse Specialised in a Franchisee Network


Quick and significant improvement of the service rate (confidential information)

Revitalisation of self-managed teams and visual management at the operations level

  • Assessment of practices in each section of the warehouse and evaluation of the action plan with the team leader
  • Development of planning boards, refocusing on the goals of shared performance and updating indicators used
  • Structuring of management practices from senior management to team leaders
  • Steering of the effective implementation of practices and adaptations

Big FMCG retail chain in Czech Republic, 4000 employees


Massive change of management culture, increase of turnover and profits, improved quality and customer satisfaction

Delegating the responsibilities to the lowest levels, improving the company results

  • Management and leadership trainings of all levels of managers including the line managers in all the supermarkets
  • Installing new management tools, support in their real utilisation and control of their efficiency and effects
  • On-the-job coaching and shadowing of top and middle managers - control of the changes in their management style and usage of new management