Administration & Services

Polish Service Company

  • Circulation of documents have been reduced by 50%.

Lean Office Project

Implementation of the Lean Office project consisting of cyclic workshops and trainings for managerial and specialists staff over a period of 6 months :

  • Implementation of 5S concept in the administration department for the tree pilot positions
  • The analysis of the efficiency of the implemented processes have been performed.
  • Implementation of visual board for tasks monitoring delegated by manager.
  • Implementation of the activities standards to handle the external customer service.


French Social Housing Organization

  • Over 50% increase in the number of rental units made available
  • Territories organised according to municipality (EPCI)
  • Shared service centres regrouping all support tasks
  • Objectified service agreements (client contracts/internal suppliers)

Implementation of an efficient structure to meet the needs of the client

  • Reorganisation of the perimeters of responsibility of operational tasks (construction/maintenance/rental management) within client management and development
  • Shared operational task objectives and creation of the balanced scorecard
  • Defining common goals and sharing the responsibilities and performance objectives for support tasks (HR, Accounting, Finance, Management Control, Legal, Audit, IT, Marketing)
  • Implementation of a progress management plan for each task
  • Assistance in implementing a new information system