Automotive, Aeronautics & Mechanical

Spanish Supplier for Automotive Industry (projects in Spain, France, Czech Republic, USA, Mexico)

Lean Manufacturing, KANBAN and VSM

Several activities to improve performance production and implement the Company Production System in several plants of several countries:

  • Lean manufacturing sensibilization & Gemba walk
  • 5S & SMED
  • Value Stream Mapping

German Supplier for Automotive Industry

  • Reduction of process time for more than 15% (average of such projekt: 11%)

Increase of output at a bottleneck milling machine

  • Reduction of non-productive time by optimization of the milling program (e.g. movement of the spindle)
  • Increasing service life of the milling tools
  • Optimization of workholding device 

German productor of saves / strong rooms

  • 60% Reduction of lead time, 12% increasing of productivity

Increasing productivity / reduction of lead time

  • Organization of the work area
  • Reduction of preproduction lots by implementing a “combined KANBAN”
  • Creating a optimal welding table
  • Reducing of setup times

French Company specialized in Production and Servicing of Aircraft Engines

  • 60% reduction of Lead Time
  • Reduction of stock levels
  • Increased production capacity, allowing the company to absorb growth
  • Return on investment within 2 years

Creation of the guiding industrial framework (servicing of parts)

  • Diagnostic of guidelines and sharing this information with management teams
  • Definition of new operating principles: physical organisation of the workshop arranged in lines, flow management rules
  • Designing the target structure
  • Sharing principles and methods among the teams

German Producer for Machine Building Industry

  • Reduction of lead time from about 4 days (not reliable: reality was from 3 to 6 day) to ½ day

Commissioning and Transport of Material to Assembly Line

Reduction of reaction time and lead time for commissioning and transport of material to assembly line :

  • Implementing supermarkets in warehouse
  • Building up specific transport trolleys
  • Adaption of the electronic support system (ERP System)
  • Organization of the operative process

Polish Automotive Industry

  • Improving inventory turnover by 50%
  • Time deliveries increased by 30%
  • Reliability of inventory increased to almost 100%

Performance development through strengthening the management system

Lean Management project implemented during 4 years :

  • Establishment of rules for the inventories calculation and definition of material requirements
  • Implementation of Kanban for rotating materials
  • Establishment of new rules of cooperation with key suppliers
  • Warehouse reorganization, including materials location and warehousemen working rules